MHC Asia

Founded in 1994, MHC is Singapore’s leading medical benefits administrator for large corporations, major insurers and SMEs. Through its proprietary technology and digital health app, MHC is able to administer a wide range of employee benefit programs thereby enabling over 800,000 corporate customers to enjoy cashless island-wide medical care at approximately 1,500 primary and specialist clinics.

Powered by a robust web-based platform, MHC’s proprietary software processes more than 1.5 million outpatient claims annually, effectively reducing HRs’ need for claims administration, boosting productivity and empowering them with insights of their company’s medical consumption. MHC simplifies healthcare by connecting stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain through the use of effective technology and continuous innovation, guided by insights gleaned from big data analytics. Our managed healthcare programme is both affordable and accessible for employees through MHC’s robust and unified platform.

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