Using MediSave Overseas

Since 1 March 2010, Singapore residents will be able to use their Medisave to help pay for their hospitalisation overseas under certain conditions. Mahkota Medical Centre and Regency Specialist Hospital have been approved as qualified overseas hospitals.

What is MediSave?

Please refer to the Singapore Ministry of Health’s website for complete information.

What is the maximum limit for my MediSave expenditure in Malaysia?

  • You are able to spend the same MediSave limit as that in Singapore, subject to your selection of the types of treatments and/or surgical procedures.
  • Generally, MediSave covers up to SGD550 per day for inpatient hospitalisation and/or a fixed maximum limit per table of surgical procedures. The latter varies between SGD150 and SGD5,000, depending on the specific types of procedures selected.

What are the MediSave-applicable procedures and/or treatments overseas?

  • Procedures done for day surgery
  • Medically necessary hospitalisation for medical & surgical treatment

Who can use MediSave?

  • Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) who normally reside in Singapore;
  • Immediate family members such as spouse, parents or children of Singaporeans and PRs who normally reside in Singapore. The above mentioned family member must be Singaporean/PR who normally reside in Singapore;
  • Grandparents of Singaporeans and PRs who normally reside in Singapore, if these grandparents are also Singaporeans/PRs who normally reside in Singapore

Why should I use MediSave overseas?

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, this policy would give “Singaporeans a wider choice of hospitals when considering elective treatment, so as to help them stretch their MediSave dollars and save money.” ( )