Sustainability Philosophy

HMI Group’s sustainability philosophy is guided by our community pledge of “Together, building a healthier society”. This means creating value that is beyond timely provision of quality healthcare to individuals, a value that is sustainable across different segments of the society and passage of time and space. This philosophy is grounded on our core values of Compassion, Competence and Collaboration (“3Cs”).

To turn our healthcare expertise into a gift that keeps on giving, we have identified three spheres of the society that would definitely be positively impacted by our business. With the help of our key stakeholders, which include our employees, doctors, regulators, community, patients and investors, the three spheres identified are Environmental, Social and Economic. We have further identified specific aspects within each sphere to ensure our sustainability efforts and subsequent impacts are focused, as seen in the simple diagram.


  • Energy Management
  • Medical Effluents and Waste Management

  • Economic Growth
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Community Engagement

  • Training and Education
  • Corporate Governance

Sustainability Focuses

As a healthcare provider, HMI Group complies with various regulations imposed by the Singapore’s Ministry of Health and other relevant regulatory or government bodies. It is our strong commitment to be strictly compliant with these regulations that ensures our ability to provide high quality care to our patients, in the long run.

HMI Group also recognises the importance of good corporate governance in ensuring both immediate and long-term success and sustainability of business and performance, and hence has created strong policies to which it diligently adheres. By keeping up its robust corporate governance, we are also in compliance with the relevant regulations imposed by regulatory bodies that include Singapore Exchange regulations on sustainability reporting, regulations by the Singapore’s Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Manpower etc.

The Group’s Corporate Governance policies are created according to the principles and guidelines set by the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 and the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”).

To read more about our Corporate Governance policies, please scroll down to download our Corporate Governance report.

At HMI Group, we aspire to link community engagement with our day to day tasks and operations. Our goal is to add value to the community, aside from delivering the value of our services, and to pave the way from healthcare to health.

Our hospitals design our community engagement activities and health talks to be issue-centric, community-needs focused, proactive and preventive. One of the main goals we want to achieve through these activities is to empower individuals of the local communities to look after their health and understand the power of preventive health. The two types of community engagement activities are:

  1. Health talks, which are of preventive nature – from Healthcare to Health and are categorised according to stakeholder group, and
  2. Community activities, which are for the benefit of our patients and the local communities.

We also tie our efforts with the 3Cs. Collaboration in the form of partnerships with external community healthcare-related organisations that complement or supplement our activities. Some prominent partners include the Rotary Club Malaysia and National Stroke Association of Malaysia (“NASM”). Compassion in the form of our staff’s enthusiastic voluntary participation in our activities, driven by their genuine belief of helping others. Competence is evident from medical screenings- and treatments-based nature of our activities, possible only from our doctors’ and other healthcare professionals’ sharing of their healthcare expertise and knowledge.

Other than community engagement activities, we have also transformed one major business, HMI Institute, into a social enterprise. This is our commitment to creating greater sustainable value in our communities.

A good categorisation overview of our Community Engagement activitiess is presented in the chart.

Setting the three themes of Caring, Giving and Educating as the basis of the strategy, we have further identified three sub-themes which tie to two of the three main themes. The three sub-themes are Medical screenings and treatments (tying in with Giving and Caring), Preventative healthcare (connected to Giving and Educating) and Promoting wellness (relating Educating and Caring).

To read more about our Community Engagement efforts, please scroll down to download our Sustainability Reports.

Promoting Wellness
Medical Screening and Treatments
Preventative Healthcare

Sustainability Reports

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